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SJCAM M10 Mini Cube Camera – All you need to know

More cameras coming out all the time! Here is one you may like if GoPro is a bit pricey for your budget – the SJCAM M110 mini camera has arrived:

My good cycling buddy Matt Jensen used this camera to shoot his Motobecane Lurch fatbike. This is the quality you can expect with the new SJCAM M110 mini camera:


One response

  1. Fantastic…! I like that little camera.. It’s way cool and performs the job at hand very well, and I believe he said it was some what cheaper in cost as well… I like cheaper, cheaper means that I can allocate monies to other much needed things for my journey.. And you all know what extra weight means on long trips, so it being cheaper as well as lighter and smaller in size makes the decision for me an easy one…
    Thanks as always… Steve

    August 12, 2015 at 5:50 am