Baby Bigfoot!

Well, if ya’ don’t have the cash to acquire one of the new breed of super fatrikes, there is a way forward despite the monetary shortage! Our enthusiastic triker buddy over in England, a gentleman by the name of Alonzo Savage, has discovered how to approximate the fatrike feel as closely as possible, without actually breaking the bank. So, buckle your seat belts girls and boys, and prepare to visualize your own steed reborn as a Bigfoot!

If you have read Alonzo’s Rider Stories TA page, you already realize that the inventive old genius had upgraded his ageing ICE T trike to a rear wheel size of 26 inches not too long ago, thereby delivering all the advantages of a larger diameter drive wheel. Being an explorer at heart though, that wasn’t enough for Alonzo – he wanted to have the capability of finding adventure off the paved auto maze of humanity, so he needed three different tires that wouldn’t simply spin in the real earth of the natural world. Here is what he came up with: a Baby Bigfoot, for a fraction of the cost to have an ICE Full Fat (or any other fatrike, but since Alonzo is a die-hard ICE fanatic, it would have to be an ICE or nothing).

Alonzo Savage Mtn Bike Tire Alonzo Savage Mtn Bike Tire 2 Alonzo Savage Mtn Bike Tire 3Very Cool – Way to go Alonzo! You’ve started a new trend for old trikes!

PS: Alonzo, what tires are those? Let us know! Man, that old T looks awesome!


About trike hobo

Steve Greene is a naturalist, philosopher, and teller of tales. He pursues absolute truth in all things, modifying his existence as supported by legitimate evidence. His ideological foundation rests on the respect of life, as he follows a path of health, serenity, and maximum functional longevity. He has authored eleven books, and is a noted authority on Death Valley National Park, human powered recumbent cycle touring, fitness and longevity, and professional law enforcement. Steve has not owned a petroleum powered automobile since 2008, as part of his environmental preservation paradigm. He eats an organic vegan diet, exercises regularly, and enjoys exploring the wilderness. Harmony with nature tops his priorities. To learn more about Steve, please visit:
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4 Responses to Baby Bigfoot!

  1. Alonzo Savage says:

    ‘Inventive old genius’, well that’s a cracker and as to the tyres I will check the sizes and write the details in the comments section later today. Thanks Steve I look forward folks comments. Alonzo

  2. Alonzo L Savage (Trike rebel) says:

    OK so tyre/tire sizes. The rear tyre is a Continental Mountain King 26×2.4 run at 50psi, this size just fits nicely into the frame on ICE’s 26″ rear frame. The fronts are Schwalbe Mad Mike 20×2.125 run at 35psi. I’m not sure of the cost but it was in the region of £50. I decided to do this change because for me here in the UK the Full Fat would be largely impractical for road use and that is where I mostly ride. The Baby Bigfoot was created partly as a bit of fun and partly because I want to do some off-road riding. The gearing on my ‘T’ would allow me to virtually climb walls if I had the grip so a switch to knobbly tyres, which takes about an hour at most seems to be a good alternative for off-road riding.
    I’m currently working on a rear mudguard/fender and will report on that and the trikes ride quality after rides later this week.

  3. Glen Aldridge says:

    Nice Job Alonzo! The ICE T looks nicely balanced & you’re ready for the SNOW. (Whoops, Sorry for the 4 letter word)

  4. Alonzo L Savage (Trike rebel) says:

    Thanks Glen. No snow but a few off-road forest trails and bridleways that need riding. All I need is another lunatic OLD triker to accompany me, you interested in coming over?

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