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Loop Wheels for rigid trikes?

Do you have a trike with a rigid frame, in other words, one that is not suspended? Are you getting tired of all those nasty road irregularities knocking you around and loosening the fillings in your teeth? Had enough torture for this lifetime? Want a posh and smile-producing experience? Well then, Loopwheels may offer a solution, according to their website. Essentially, with these wheels on a rigid trike, the trike is no longer rigid, that is to say, once installed in place of traditional spoked wheels, you now have full suspension in all three corners of  your triangulated realm! Cool.

Loop Wheels 01Put three of these on your trike, then write up your evaluation for the TA readers.

From the Loopwheels website comes this:

A Loopwheel is a wheel with integral suspension, designed for better shock-absorbing performance and greater comfort. Loopwheels give you a smoother ride. They are more comfortable than standard wheels: the carbon springs absorb tiring vibration, as well as bumps and shocks. They’re extremely strong and durable.

Loopwheel springs are made from a carbon composite material, carefully developed and tested to give optimum compression and lateral stability as well as strength and durability. Specially-designed connectors attach the springs to the hub and rim. The three loops in each wheel work together as a self-correcting system. This spring system between the hub and the rim of the wheel provides suspension that constantly adjusts to uneven terrain – cushioning the rider from bumps and potholes in the road. In effect, the hub floats within the rim, adjusting constantly as shocks from an uneven road hit the rim of the wheel. The spring configuration allows the torque to be transferred smoothly between the hub and the rim.

Over the winter of 2014-15, we’ve been developing and trialling our first 20 inch loopwheels designed especially for recumbent trikes. The springs are designed to cope with fast cornering and the particular forces of side-axles. We’re really happy with the results. Loopwheels-builder Graeme cycles the 12 miles to work on his trike most days – fitted with loopwheels, of course. He’s been pushing us to get these ready to share! We showed these new trike wheels at the Spezi show in Germersheim, Germany on 25 and 26 April 2015, along with another new design for trikes, with our own hubs and a disc brake fitting.

If you wish to be updated by Loopwheels about outfitting your recumbent trike, click HERE, and then scroll down to be added to their email update list.

2 responses

  1. Jerry Forster

    Very interesting design. I am wondering how much energy they will absorb?

    July 3, 2015 at 7:36 am

  2. I don’t know about how much energy they will absorb, But I do know is that they scare me enough to keep me from opening my very slender bill fold on a new product such as this…! What I would like to see before such momentous an occasion such as I opening my billfold, to be at least several thousand miles between the time of purchase and need to replace the tire.. As I am seeing this new wheel construction for the first time here.. But that is only my opinion, and opinions are like , well you know what I mean to say.. Does anyone know someone who has some experience with them or at least using them at this time…?

    July 3, 2015 at 8:50 am