Schwalbe Big Apple takes a screw!

Ron Nelson Flat Tire on roadRon Nelson finishes fixing his flat tire after removing the screw from Big Apple tread.

The shoulder looks clean, but these photos tell a different story. Regular Trike Asylum reader Ron Nelson, who purchased my former NEMO Obi tent recently, was out on a group trike overnighter when a nice shiny screw jumped out of the bushes and decided the Schwalbe tire looked mighty inviting. Actually, my rendition is not entirely accurate, so here is what Ron has to say about the unfortunate incident:

Just wanted to report that the Obi 1P tent got my first use this weekend, and I couldn’t be happier. I took a 2-day tour with two fellow recumbent riders from Santa Rosa to the Bodega Dunes Campground via the Russian River and back through dairy country. Of course no tour would be complete without a tire being “screwed”. It was a Schwalbe Big Apple. Managed to pick up about a 1/4” screw. As I was riding along I heard this rhythmic sound. I found the screw but no air was escaping until I wiggled it. Didn’t seem like a good idea to keep riding on it (and besides the sound would have driven me crazy even if it didn’t go flat or destroy the tire). So I pulled out the screw and set about replacing the tube. One of my fellow tourers came back and helped out and it was quickly done. Threw the old tube in the Arkel bag for later patching and off we went. I thought I had been keeping a reasonably sharp eye out for debris but this motivated me to be even more vigilant. Stuff that reflects light is bad enough but there was the occasional rusted bolt or metal that you couldn’t see until you were right up on it. Tried to make sure I was taking some of those coastal downhills more in the lane if there was any debris. The tent worked just as you described in your travels with the speedy shelter close to your trike as almost a single unit. I had an extra plastic bag on the ground inside the fly where I put my bags. If any critters had been about they would have had just that more of a challenge to be a thief. No critters, no bugs. It was a very comfortable night.

Flat tire screw Ron NelsonThe Screw that got through the Schwalbe Big Apple is a nasty little demon.


Oh, and here’s the tent Ron mentions (shown at Bodega Dunes Camground on California Hwy 1 in Sonoma County – during my triangular 2013 Pacific Coast Tricycle Adventure):

Bodega Dunes CG NEMO Obi 1 Bodega Dunes CG NEMO Obi 2

NEMO Obi tentThis is a great tent for compact camping needs. Visit New England Mountaineering.


Other cool stuff happens in Sonoma County too, like this:


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2 Responses to Schwalbe Big Apple takes a screw!

  1. Steve,
    Not screw-related, but this info just posted on BikePortland about restricted access to Weyerhauser logging roads. Thought it might be of interest to you since you’re on the verge of fat-triking.

  2. trike hobo says:

    Hi Keepinon,
    Read the article – does not affect the central coast area at this time – all the roads in my backyard are wide open – besides, I’m good at stealth existence and camping – they gotta’ find me to arrest me!

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