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TerraCycle & Schlumpf – 6 presentations by Matt Galat

Matt Galat has been really busy these days as he prepares to get back on the road of high adventure with his JaYoe world tricycle journey. Getting hit by a truck may have slowed the man down, but it didn’t blow the man down! Matt is reinventing his travel hardware in a manner that is superior to what he had prior to the truck/trike contact. What appears below are six movie presentations Matt has made about some of his new gear. Five of the movies are about some really cool TerraCycle goodies he acquired from Pat Franz in Portlandia, and the final movie shows precisely how to install the renowned Schlumpf front speed drive. This is good stuff. Click the “Play All” button below to begin:

You can also see these presentations any time HERE.

Here is a cool mountain climbing practice for Everest:


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