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Going tubeless with your fat tires … the cheap way!

>> If this interests you, visit the man’s website HERE.

Below, you see him exploring his wild world on his fat bike:

Fat Bike Brigade Explore the WorldDoesn’t this image just invite you to get a fatrike and get out there into the backcountry? This sure beats the hassle of automobiles swarming around you on the pavement! Ahh, can’t you just taste the adventure of the great wide open? Okay then, get yourself a fatrike today!

Fat bikes in snowThese are three brothers who explore together, a businessman, a doctor, and a professor. They have some cool fat bike action video clips on their website HERE.

The crashes in this video won’t happen to those of us who ride fatrikes instead!


One response

  1. Tim

    What are the options if you don’t have fat tires on your trike? I ride mostly on paved roads or surfaced (stone dust, etc.) trails, with the occasional “woods road”, so I’d imagine there’s the “road resistance” issue. I also don’t know that fat tires would necessarily fit on my Greenspeed Magnum and still allow me to have fenders. Still, I’d prefer not to have to deal with flats (especially on the rear tire).

    October 25, 2017 at 12:29 pm