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New Scorpion with TerraCycle bag mounts

Matt Galat’s JaYoe expedition is preparing to get back on the road, after some unexpected and unwanted delays. A new trailer, the Aidoo, is on its way, and this trailer is the neatest one I’ve ever seen, with an awesome suspension system – you can see it in Matt’s SPEZI show chapter, which is now available. If you want a trailer, and don’t mind spending some bucks, give this one a go. Be sure to see the Aidoo portion of the SPEZI movie below!

You will also notice that Matt has attached side mount bars on his new yellow Scorpion. These kits are made by Pat Franz at TerraCycle in beautiful rainy Portland, Oregon, and are just the ticket if you want to attach some gear to your trike’s seat. This is how Matt is assembling his seat-side mounting system. Check out this TerraCycle page to see detailed photos and info about this versatile mounting system, which fits darn near any trike!

Matt Galat JaYoe seat bag mount 1The mounting system attaches to the seat support tube on the trike.

Matt Galat JaYoe seat bag mount 2Here is a shot from the rear. Notice plenty of room for other accessories, like water bottles.

Matt Galat JaYoe seat bag mount 3Matt is taking high-visibility very seriously these days, and you can see that he started with  the yellow Scorpion trike, which replaced the black one involved in the accident. Those are yellow Arkel RT-60 panniers on the rear, the same kind I will be using on my new rig. Notice the large top trunk with the gigantic red reflectors/lights, which should show up very well to motorists. Below is the German cycling show, called SPEZI:

View all Matt’s stuff any time on his TA page, which is found under the JaYoe menu!

Learn more about TerraCycle, and their finely crafted cycling accessories HERE!

* * *

Here is an interesting short clip, where Matt discusses the custom trailer he had built, how it failed prior to even being used, his transition to the super cool Aidoo trailer (as shown in the SPEZI video above), and how excited he is with the TerraCycle accessories from Pat Franz in Portland, Oregon. Into each life, some rain must inevitably fall – TerraCycle and Aidoo are the subsequent happy sunshine! Now, things are looking up!


6 responses

  1. Down Wind Dan

    All this stuff is great, but how do you make a trike lighter ?

    June 4, 2015 at 1:44 pm

  2. The single most efficient manner of losing weight for the majority of trike riders lies not in the trike itself, rather in the organic engine that powers it. Many times have I heard and read trikers discussing grams or pounds of weight in this or that item on the trike, when a notable percentage of the participants are visibly overweight. They agonize over taking 5 pounds of weight off the trike to lower their pedaling burden on hills, when all the while, that burden is most significantly influenced by 30-50 unhealthy pounds around the midsection. If a rider is physically fit, then comes the time to ponder making the trike lighter. Of course, these are nothing more than the insignificant and very temporal thoughts in my head, perhaps only valid within the confines behind my eyes, so don’t lose any sleep over them.

    June 4, 2015 at 3:16 pm

  3. Rob

    Steve, you mention in the article that these panniers are the same you intend to use on your “new rig”. Did I miss something, are you moving away from your Catrike 700?

    June 4, 2015 at 4:12 pm

  4. Hi Rob!

    Yep, sure enough, you did miss something. My Catrike 700 is no longer “my” and it now lives in southern Oregon, in the Medford area (great riding country, by the way). I sold the 700 this past March – had so many buyers that I could have sold a few more if I had had clones of it. I have found that the typical conclusion regarding this sale revolves around the notion that I was not satisfied with the 700, and since I have not written about my reason (a big one) yet, this idea of some nebulous displeasure seems to persist. Let me make this clear: I absolutely loved the Catrike 700 – it is, beyond a doubt, the most comfortable and fast means of human powered transportation that I have ever had. When I did my Oregon Coast tour on the 700 in 2014, it was a total joy – easy on the body and a thrill in the head! Yep, there was a considerable amount of serious thought that entered into my decision to let that awesome trike go (and no, this isn’t some attempt to pump up Catrike – that rig was one heck of a fun machine, and I did contemplate keeping it along with the new rig, but the bottom line was that the sale was necessary to help offset the expenses of the new trike – I had little choice if I wanted the new rig, which I most definitely did). Once I receive the new trike, I will present it here on TA, along with the reasons behind its acquisition. To really understand this transition requires understanding my life as a human, and how it has been shaped by activities since childhood. So, in answer to your question, yes, you missed the sale aspect of the transition to a new trike, but are poised to hear the rest of the story – hopefully fairly soon, although unexpected manufacturer delays have since extended the telling of the tale, as I have been trikeless since the 700’s sale last March.

    See ya’ …

    June 5, 2015 at 7:10 am

  5. I to like those side mount bags… What is the over all width of the trike after the installation of these bags…? Is it very notable, I mean does it go out side the trike’s foot print, meaning out side the width of the front tires…?

    June 7, 2015 at 5:50 am

  6. Hey there Zack – As shown in Matt’s photos, the bags do project laterally beyond the width of the front wheels. Matt intends to shorten the connecting tubes to bring the bags in closer to the actual trike width, because he needs to be able to get the trike through doorways. The type of bag on the mounts also makes a difference as to overall width. You can learn more about this mounting hardware at this TerraCycle link:
    Also, when considering side seat storage on a trike, there are the Radical Design side seat bags as shown on the TA website header, although those bags do not allow such easy “on the trike” access as the setup Matt has from TerraCycle. Hopefully Matt will update us when he has narrowed the support tubes. – steve

    June 7, 2015 at 10:27 am