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Maria Leijerstam – ICE Trike – South Pole

Maria Leijerstam was the first person to pedal a human powered cycle from the edge of the Antarctica Continent to the South Pole, and she did it in a bit over 10 days. Her trike, which was custom designed by Inspired Cycle Engineering, sparked the notion of producing a similar vehicle for the general public, which is what we know as the Full Fat. Although there are significant differences between the White Ice Cycle and the Full Fat, the concept of a “go anywhere” extreme terrain vehicle was born.

You may wish to visit Maria’s website and get a copy of her 45 minute documentary, which is downloadable from Vimeo for only $7.80 USD (at least this was the exchange rate as of yesterday when I downloaded my copy). It is a greatly inspiring presentation of how a tadpole tricycle and a determined 35 year old woman successfully completed a trek unlike any other! I highly recommend Maria’s documentary if you wish to witness what the ultimate overland trike journey is like – one massive challenge after another!

Here are a few photo clips showing the extent of this challenging trike trek (including what it’s like to pump up a flat tire in extreme conditions – took a LONG time):

White Ice Cycle 1 White Ice Cycle 2 White Ice Cycle 3 White Ice Cycle 4 White Ice Cycle 5 White Ice Cycle 6 White Ice Cycle 7 White Ice Cycle 8Visit Maria’s website HERE and get a copy of this documentary! How did her rear tire go flat out here? Well, it wasn’t goatheads, that’s for sure. Guess you’ll just have to get the documentary and find out.


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  1. Jerry Forster

    I don’t like to ride in the rain! What a courageous ride, and just think of the trikes that follow from her trip. Way to go.

    June 2, 2015 at 1:27 pm