Dan Zimmerman’s new Spokes Fighting Strokes shirts

Dan Zimmerman SFS 2015 ShirtsThe new 2015 Spokes Fighting Strokes tee shirts are now available!

If you wish to support Dan Zimmerman’s recumbent trike adventures that support stroke victims, these new shirts are one way to do it. They show up well when you are out riding your trike, and the proceeds go towards a worthy cause. Dan and Catherine ride Catrike 700 recumbents around the United States to focus assistance on this medical issue. Learn more on Dan’s TA page HERE, and Dan’s SFS website HERE. Donation is $25 per shirt.


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2 Responses to Dan Zimmerman’s new Spokes Fighting Strokes shirts

  1. Steve,
    Truly inspiring, thanks for link.
    I’d love to join him on a ride (or several!) if he does a Western U.S. tour. Maybe 2016?
    Rail Trails are my favorite ride locations.

  2. trike hobo says:

    Check out his 5,000+ mile cross continent trek on his website. That ride began in Washington, and he successfully made it down to Florida. Now he is apparently doing follow-up presentations, still using the trike – quite a guy. I am sure he would love to have you along on any portion you can ride with him. His website shows maps and times when he is going to appear at various US locations. Plus, on the following Trike Asylum page, you can find his schedule for 2015 (down near bottom of page):

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