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Dan Zimmerman Catrike 700 Continuing Efforts

Dan Zimmerman Journey 03Dan Zimmerman completed his 5,000+ mile transcontinental ride across the United States in 2014 to raise awareness for stroke victims. His website provides details. Now, he is riding his Catrike 700 even farther to continue the fight against this disabling issue that affects many people. Below is a map of his 2015 scheduled appearances, along with detailed info supplied by his organization, Spokes Fighting Strokes. By the way, you can always read more about Dan on his Trike Asylum page HERE, under the Reader Stories main menu.

Dan Zimmerman Journey 01Dan Zimmerman’s Spokes Fighting Strokes 2015 campaign trail

Dan Zimmerman Journey 02Dan Zimmerman and Catherine Brubaker – making a difference for brain trauma survivors! Dan rode 7,746 miles 2014. Cat rode 6,483 miles 2014. Wow!! That’s impressive! The two of them ride the ultra comfortable and fast Catrike 700 recumbent.



Raising awareness for Strokes, HHT & Brain Injury.
Raising funds for trip, speaking engagements,
Sadly We can’t do it alone.
Please help if you can.

This summer, the plan is to travel to various states Dan’s Chevy truck pulling 30 RV trailer and recumbent trikes to speak at various pre-arranged facilities in order to raise awareness of HHT, strokes, and brain injuries. The logistics are still in the planning stages and partnerships are still being formed in various states.

We feel so happy to have a sense of purpose. Now it’s time to think about helping others.

We are in late planning stages of this event and relying on support from you to help us achieve our mutual goals. Dan estimates the cost is just over $7300. Dan has asked family and friends if he could park the RV in their driveway to save $$.
Dan’s doctor, Matthew Hummel $1000
Health South $1500
Knight & Day Cleaner $500
Unique Cabinetry LLC $500
which is a great start! Please help!

On our last years ride across America, 5390 miles, we learned a lot about logistics of planning, handling media, managing social media and triking for awareness. People flocked to us on these trikes. They are curious about the trikes, they are curious about our stories. Our stories are powerful. We all know facts tell, stories sell.

We are sharing our personal experiences with the Hope of making the world a better place for tomorrow.
Support us today by donating on We are a 501(c) (3)tax exempt organization. Donations may be tax deductible, please see your accountant for details.
“Rails to Trails Tour” RTT
Calling all trike & bike riders ride with Cat and Dan

Rail trail is Not loop, so double miles.
1. June 11 leave Gilbert AZ

2. June 11 Albuquerque NM

3. June 12-17 Marty Tod
Denver CO
The Platte River Trail 28 miles
The Little Dry Creek Trail 10 miles
The Cherry Creek Trail. 40 miles
The High Line Canal Trail. 71 miles
The C-470 East Trail 15.7 miles
Ralston Creek Trail 13.7 miles

4. June 18 NE
The Cottonmill to Fort Kearny Trail 17 miles

5. June 19 – 27 Gene Z
Ashalnd NE
The Homestead Trail 40 miles
Omaha’s Big Papio Trail 10
The Keystone Trail 15 miles
The MoPac Trail 21.7 miles
Nebraska’s Oak Creek Trail 13 miles

6. June 27- July 1 Sueixefalls SD
Donna & Harlem
The Sioux Falls Bike Trails 30 miles

7. July 2-7 John & Katie Z
Bloomigton‎ MN‎ 55437
Dakota Rail Regional Trail 25.5 miles
The Luce Line State Trail 76.6 miles
The West River Parkway Trail 8.9 miles

8. July 7-12 Jim & Lisa
North Branch‎ MN‎ 55056
The Soo Line Recreational Trail 10.5 on Hwy 10 go Shirley
The Gateway State Trail 18.3 miles

9. July 12-24 Shirley Z
Motley‎ MN‎ 56466
The Central Lakes State Trail 55 miles
Paul Bunyan State Trail, 121 miles
4 days riding 3 motel
The Heartland State Trail 49 miles
The Lake Wobegon Trail.” 62 miles

10. July 25 Hinckley – Duluth
The Willard Munger State Trail 63 miles

11. July 26- Aug 1 Northwoods

12. Aug 2-8 Donna & Marshall
Rapid River‎ MI‎ 49878
The Iron Ore Heritage Trail 47 miles

13. Aug 9
Little Traverse Wheelway 26.7 miles

14. Aug 10 Frankfort MI
Betsie Valley Trail 22.1 miles

15. Aug 11 Bay City MI
The Bay County Riverwalk/Railtrail 17.5 miles

16. Aug 12-13 Joe & Cheryl
Linden MI 48451

17. Aug 13-16 Decpina NC “Night of Hope”
Jody said drive down NC

18. Aug 17- 24 Rosalyn
North Branch, Mi 48461
The Falling Waters Trail 10.4 miles
The Flint River Trail 17 miles
The Fred Meijer Clinton-Ionia-Shiawassee (CIS) Rail Trail 41.4 miles
Fred Meijer Heartland Trail 41 mile Alma
The I-275 Metro Trail 33.2 miles

19. Aug 24-31 Jody Nissin Canton. 48187
The Border-to-Border Trail 19.7 miles Ann Arbor
The Battle Creek Linear Park Trail 30 miles
The Baw Beese Trail, 8.5 miles
On way John G The Baw Beese Trail, 8.2 miles
Rouge River Gateway Greenway 20.1 miles

20. Sept 1-7 John Gress
Noblesville IN
The Cardinal Greenway 62 miles
The Erie Lackawanna. 17.7 miles

21. Sept 8-10 Milwaukee WI
Auntie Barb
Holy Hills
The Ozaukee Interurban Trail 31.1
Bugline Trail Menomonee Falls,
The Eisenbahn State Trail 25 miles
The Hank Aaron State Trail 14 miles
The Lake Country Recreation Trail 15.2 miles
Oak Leaf Trail MUST SEE 116.7 miles

22. Sept 11-19 Tom Wissing
Fox Lake, Wi 53933
Glacial Drumlin State Trail 51.3 miles
The Ahnapee State Trail 44 mile By finger
The Mountain-Bay State Trail 83 miles

5. Sept 19 – 24 Gene Z

3. Sept 25 Denver

2. Sept 26-28 Albuquerque
Albuquerque Trail 16. Miles

1. Sept 29 drive home
Gilbert AZ 85298
watch our videos please

Dan Zimmerman “DanTrikeMan”
Catherine Brubaker “Cat”

Spokes Fighting Strokes Inc. Is a 501(c)(3
Attitude is 90% of life, think positive! “Fins Up”

Dan Zimmerman 20Catherine and Dan at the Catrike factory during the Spokes Fighting Strokes tour

Dan Zimmerman 22Dan and Catherine, national speakers helping others help themselves!

Visit Catherine’s HOPE FOR TRAUMA website HERE.

Catherine (aka: Cat) rides a Cat 700, as does Dan.


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