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Lone Peak Pannier options

Are you seeking a trike pannier that also doubles as a backpack? If so, watch this video:

Learn more at Lone Peak.

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  1. Which ones are best for an Ice adventure FS

    April 22, 2015 at 5:57 am

  2. There are many great pannnier choices for the ICE Adventure FS Ida, and choosing one is both exciting and challenging, for they all have their pros and cons. Lone Peak panniers are well known, made in the USA, and have a devoted following. If you need a lot of cargo space on your ICE, and you like the Lone Peak brand, you may wish to consider their Mount Superior pannier (although they do offer smaller ones too). Here is a link to Lone Peak:

    ICE offers pannier solutions for your Adventure on their website also – try this ICE link to learn more:

    You may be interested in the Radical Design side seat pods, which appear on the ICE link. You can purchase them in the USA at the Hostel Shoppe – here is their link:

    There are many options. I have been using the side seat pods now since 2009, and love them. I also have found much success with the Arkel brand of panniers from Canada. You may like their recumbent rear rack bags, the RT series (the RT-60 for large loads, or the RT-40 for smaller needs):

    Probably the best way to begin your search is finding a cycling shop near you that carries panniers, and looking them over first-hand to discover the size you think you may need. Have fun in the process!

    April 23, 2015 at 10:55 am