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Great American Trike Tour

In 2001, Dan Price was on the leading edge of long haul overland trike journeys. Using his own human power, he rode a TerraTrike for nearly 4500 miles (~7200 kilometers) across the United States over the course of about 14 weeks from eastern Oregon, west to the Pacific Coast, south to the southern tier bicycle route region, east to Florida, and finally south to the tip of the Florida Keys. His epic trek set the bar for other trikers to follow. Below is a new movie presentation that Dan recently compiled about this memorable trike ride. The movie is also viewable on his TA page any time, 24/7. Dan is the original trike hobo!


One response

  1. flowertriker

    This is truly a rare and wonderful means of expression which tells of magical things and moments. I have read about the trip and this is a successful short supplement showing his current feelings abouit the adventure and adds a little spice to the story.
    Dan Price´s settlement is also special. A way of life, although not with controversy, and in most societies opposed at all costs. Only very strong and determined people can force this resistance without getting into conflict with their fellow human beings who are convinced that atypical settlements becomes a great danger to our established lifestyle. I wish him a happy existence and freedom to decide when and how he wants to change his life.
    The life in the hobbit house, the garden in the summer and board surfing during winters sound appealing and is probably very stimulating for his special work for income. He´s a hobo artist.

    April 22, 2015 at 1:00 am