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Willow’s TerraTrike Rover problem …

My sister has had a TerraTrike Rover since October 2011. During a telephone conversation with her today, I learned that her Rover’s seat was no longer in a position where the trike could be reasonably ridden with any degree of comfort, and her rear rack and trunk are pushing hard into her back and neck. If this interests you, click HERE to read the details, which are found near the bottom of the Willow’s Rover TA page, just under the movie that discusses the Rover’s seat clamping mechanism. It is the April 11, 2015 update. Hopefully, she will be back on the trike soon. I wonder if this issue has affected other Rover riders.


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  1. flowertriker

    I hope the work has been done. If I had lived in the region, I would of course come to her rescue on this. Why is there not a bicycle shop or mechanical repair shop in the area?
    I would probably choose, after adjustment, weld such a clamp together once and for all to avoid further irritation.

    April 17, 2015 at 12:11 am