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New JaYoe Travelogues, with Matt Galat

For those readers who really enjoy the awesome video presentations of world trike trekker Matt Galat on his HP Velotechnik Scorpion trike, this is your lucky day! Chapters 25-27 have just come in, and are now posted on the JaYoe 2015 page. Allow some time to watch the entire new collection, as one is an hour and 27 minutes, and another is 54 minutes. But if you ever wanted to know everything about Matt, why he does what he does, how he is able to do this journey, what his background is, how he does the cinematography, and every other little detail behind JaYoe, Chapter 25, parts 1 and 2, will provide all the juicy tidbits you’ve been hankerin’ to figure out. Every question is answered. So set aside some time, get a few snacks, and settle in to the World According to Matt! Click HERE to go there.

Matt Galat HPV Scorpion


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