archival and resource material for human powered recumbent tricycles

My Home by the River, by Hobo Artist (aka: Triker Dan)

Most of you are familiar with triker Dan Price, the fellow who was the first trike gypsy to ever ride a recumbent tricycle a really long distance several years ago, from eastern Oregon, around the western and southern edges of the United States, and all the way to the tip of Florida’s Keys (nearly 4500 miles). He also lives in a Hobbit-type house in the ground in northeastern Oregon. And he writes the Moonlight Chronicles, lives simply, loves the environment, and all good things desired in a Utopian humanity. You can view his Trike Asylum page HERE. And you can see one of his books over to your right in the sidebar of all the TA pages. He’s a very cool fellow, and if what he does sings true in your mind, please consider supporting his simple ways of life through the acquisition of his book or chronicles. In any event, Dan has put together an interesting presentation about his basic way of living, and has done so with the musical accompaniment of his own really cool instrumentation. Here is his latest, which also appears at the bottom of his TA page:


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