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Utah Trikes – Custom Fat Tire Crawler Trikes!

Utah Trikes Fat Tire 05Do you want a custom made fat tire tadpole trike, but can’t afford the ICE Full Fat, or perhaps are in a hurry to start riding your own all over the backroads of your area? These things are really catching on, as seen with the new Azub fat tired trike, and now, there is great news for those of you who just gotta’ have one! (watch the movie below)

Utah Trikes Fat Tire 04Sure enough, USA trike company Utah Trikes will make you one of these monster trikes at a fraction of the cost found with the big-name companies. Here is what they have to say about it – read and rejoice if you are a triangular fat tire fanatic at heart:

INTRODUCTORY PRICE OF $2599! Looking for a trike that can go anywhere? With huge 26×4 tires, the Fat Tad Crawler smoothly rides over the obstacles with high ground clearance. The huge tires can run with very low pressure for high traction on the beach or in the snow. The Fat Tad Crawler makes a great off-road and off-season trike for the year-round rider.

Utah Trikes Fat Tire 07WOW, What a stud muffin monster trike this is!

Detailed Specifications
Frame Material Cromo Steel / Aluminum Boom
Total Length 77 Inches
Total Width 34 Inches
Total Assembled Height 36 Inches
Ground Clearance 9 Inches
Seat Height 22 Inches
Country of Origin USA with imported components

Click HERE to visit this Fat Tire Trike page at Utah Trikes!

Here is what YOU get for only $2599 + $250 shipping to your door:

$2848 total US Dollars will have you pedaling one of these very soon …

Utah Trikes Fat Tire Utah Trikes Fat Tire 02 Utah Trikes Fat Tire 03Click HERE to visit this Fat Tire Trike page at Utah Trikes!

Utah Trikes Fat Tire 06Click HERE to learn even more at Utah Trikes!

Also, a Trike Asylum page dedicated to this off-road trike is available any time HERE, which appears under the More menu.

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Now, go explore all that awesome backcountry!!!

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One response

  1. Alonzo L Savage (Trike rebel)

    Fat tire trikes are an absolute boon for those who have homes in or close to the outback trails.
    Sadly in much of the UK you’d need to transport such a machine by car or van to get to any rough off road tracks.

    February 26, 2015 at 12:50 pm