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Salem Gravel Grinder

Salem Gravel Grinder

If you live in Oregon, and you enjoy cycling on rural gravel backroads, there is an event that may pique your interest. Unfortunately, it’s over for this current time frame, but hey, there is always next time perhaps! TJ Lebay, of PDX trikes in Portland, Oregon, has emailed me a couple of links for those of you who wish to learn more (see below). PDX Trikes has been in business in Portland, Oregon since 1981, and is the exclusive dealer for KMX trikes in Oregon. These folks know trikes, and are happy to help you learn more. PDX Trikes now appears on the BUY page of Trike Asylum, so you can access their website at any time. If you live in the Portland area, stop in and tell ‘em steve sent ya’.

PDX TrikesOkay, back to the Salem Gravel Grinder! Here is what TJ has to say about this year’s event:

Hi Steve, We thought you might like to see the pics from the Salem,
Oregon Gravel Grinder we completed this month on trikes.

My pics are here

I rode this with my riding partner and public relations manager JJ who
is mid 70’s on two of our demo KMX Viper trikes with 20/26 wheels with
all stock components. We ran Vee Rubber BMX 20×1.75″ tires in front and
Schwalbe Rocket Ron in rear 26×1.8″.

We completed about 63 miles with a wrong turn, one flat, and one
mechanical in about 5.5 hours. JJ has been doing almost daily 20 mile
rides all winter to avoid the summer re-training/conditioning of his
muscles. I haven’t done any real mileage since early summer 2014. My
endurance and cardio is pretty bad. We rode at his pace this was his
first ride off road. We are now working even harder on the new
light-weight large wheel trike prototypes 55+ pounds is a bit much for a
off road trike with gear.

TJ Lebay
PDX Trikes
Full Tilt Trikes


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