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JaYoe! New page arrangement …

For those of you who are intently following intrepid trike explorer Matt Galat on his five year human powered tricycle journey around Planet Earth, I have modified the pages containing his adventure so they will be easier to find. Formerly, his JaYoe documentaries were found under his Rider Stories page, but it has become clear to me that five years worth of video on that page is not too manageable. So, a new dedicated main menu item now appears simply as JaYoe! Under that menu item is an introduction, and then below that will be found all the documentaries, sorted by year to make it more accessible and logical.

Matt GalatClick Matt’s nose to begin the journey!

* * *

By the way, the GNAT menu item now appears as a sub-menu under the Trike Tour menu.

By the way, by the way: If you ever wanted to see the HP Velotechnik up close, and how it folds, watch the first video (Chapter 1) on the Into page!

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