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Details of Matt Galat’s trike accident with a truck

As you are likely aware, world trike traveler Matt Galat, aboard his HP Velotechnik Scorpion tadpole trike, pulling a trailer full of cinematic gear, was struck by a truck several weeks into his circumnavigation around Planet Earth. A few details have been presented, but today we learn the rest of the story. He is scheduled to climb Mount Everest in March.

Matt Galat accident sceneMatt still lies on the pavement, unsure of his condition, or what just happened.


For the life of me I cannot remember exactly how I tumbled down the road after I was hit. All I remember is coming to rest on the damp pavement along a quiet stretch of road in a small city called Guangnan, in Guangdong Province, China. What I do know is that I was hit from behind. But the exact form of travel or tumble eludes me.

It was 5:15pm, on November 11th. 11/11. Singles day in china. Which was fitting because I happen to have found myself alone, wet and broken, lying on my side in a half fetal position.

I needed to let someone know what just happened.

Reaching for my phone, which was attached to the trike now lying next to me, I felt the bones in my shoulder rearranging. This was accompanied a muffled sound radiating from the inside of my body. The sound of once solid bone now competing for limited space.

Via my Wechat app, I sent my exact location and the following message to Anny, my girlfriend, “I’ve just been in an accident! I think I got hit by a truck!”

It must have been quite a shock for her, as just 10 minutes earlier I had sent her a mundane message discussing where I was considering resting for the night. Read it all …

Matt Galat at accident locationThe ambulance has finally arrived to scoop this trike hobo off the ground.

To learn the entire story, with more movies and photos, click HERE.


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  1. Gary Jackson

    Matt was lucky. I believe it is essential that solo bike/trike riders keep their, wallets, passports, phone and keys on their person while riding. Riding an upright I wear a fanny pack, not sure yet what I’ll do now with my new trike.

    December 19, 2014 at 9:23 am