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How to be a road BIKER …

Well, there are probably some TA readers out there who still pedal bicycles during times they are not on their trikes. Old customs die hard. Whether the “cool factor” is the reason, or some other marginally justifiable excuse, if you do own and ride a road bike, make sure you know how to be the coolest road biker out there! After all, if you’re gonna’ do it despite all the known issues, at least do it right:

* * *

Okay, maybe you aren’t a roadie, but you diamond frame in the backcountry, on what we call mountain bikes. You can be cool on one of those too! Here’s how:

And why do you need to know all that cool stuff? So you can go out and do all this adrenaline pumping stuff in Utah:

ANOTHER crazy guy on a bike if I ever saw one! Make that three crazy guys.


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