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Oregon Coast Bike Route: Riding The Legend

Word has been floating around for a while in the cycling community that a new route guidebook for the Oregon Coast Bike Route was needed. So, having lived here for more than two decades, I had the audacity to imagine that my puny brain might be able to create something that would amuse the pedal pushing masses, thus, I wrote the new guide. This is my final book, so I decided to get a little wild, break some rules, and conjure up what made me laugh – after all, if ya’ don’t have fun on a project, it will show in the product! This book is just flat bizarre on many levels, and not at all what cyclists would imagine, at least if compared to traditional cycling guides.

If you want a typical cycling guide, keep looking – this is not what you seek! Read more

OCBR Sidebar 190By the way, this book might make a great holiday or birthday gift for your favorite cyclist!


One response

  1. Alonzo L Savage (Trike rebel)

    Last book, surely not, at least I hope not as they are all too entertaining to dry up completely.
    Anyway without a book to write you can put your feet up on the pedals, clip in and speed away to wherever on Wildchild. Maybe it is time to sort that off-road trike and find your cabin out in the sticks and I for one wish you luck and safe riding. But do just once in a while keep your TA readers in the picture as to your adventures.
    Ride fast and let your spirit run free old buddy.

    December 3, 2014 at 9:39 am