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Library on Three Wheels

Trike Asylum readers must be … well, readers, right? That’s what you do here, after all. We read in many forms these days of modern electric gizmo gadgets, yet the good old fashioned book, that paper and ink invention of centuries ago, still remains as the most wonderful way to settle down on a misty winter’s night near the warm fireplace. For really enthusiastic readers, riding their tricycle to the library is a great way to pass a day, or … you can choose the option of making your tricycle the library so you’ll always have something to read once out in the serene countryside on a day ride. Click HERE to visit the International Federation of Library Associations.

Library TricycleHey, this is even a tadpole trike! How cool is that?


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  1. Hi Steve, would you please send me your snailmail address, I would like to send you a couple of samples. Thanks, Lewis Trikesan

    November 10, 2014 at 6:23 am