TerraTrike Zoomer for sale – nearly new!

Trike Asylum readers who have been reading these pages for a while are probably familiar with Dan Price, the hobo artist who rode a TerraTrike from Oregon to the Florida Keys several years ago (4,250 miles / 6,840 kilometers), one of the first known long-haul trikers of the time. Dan lives in the ground in a tiny one-room home he built, based on his radical simplicity principles. You can see one of his books in the sidebar at right. You can also learn about him and his other writings HERE, at his Moonlight Chronicles website.

Dan Price ZoomerClick on image for a larger view. Pristine condition. It can be yours if you act soon!

Well, anyway, Dan has for sale a TerraTrike Zoomer that, for all intent and purposes, is about as brand new as one could hope to have! And here is the really cool part: Whoever buys this Zoomer gets a trike owned by Dan Price, which itself is a unique opportunity! Dan is selling his trike for $1850, plus whatever shipping costs to your location. If you pick it up directly from him at his hobo hobbit house in northeastern Oregon, you can save the shipping and be treated to his fairy-tale type of living arrangements in the bargain.


If any of this is of interest to you, contact Dan directly this way: Call him at 541-263-2896 (Joseph, Oregon), or email him at Hoboartist@gmail.com. This fellow is an expert at trike riding and living on the edge. He is a laid-back conversationalist, and always a treat to talk to for those lucky enough to do so. He helped me back in the summer of 2009, before I embarked on my very first trike expedition (to Death Valley) – I asked him tons of questions about living on the road, and he enlightened me enough that I had an idea of what to expect. I am delighted to count Dan as one of my triking buddies! He is the original trike hobo!

Dan Price Hobo Camp 2On his first overland journey, Dan rode a TerraTrike Tour.

Dan PriceLater, he gave this elongated cargo hauler a try.

Dan Price Hobo CampAlong the Pacific Coast, Dan finds a quiet place off the highway.

Visit Dan’s NEW Trike Asylum page HERE! Learn all about him from many informative documentaries and movies. Then, visit his website and support this great guy!

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