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Lydia Reyburn, bodybuilding triker, shows the way!

I appreciate a finely tuned human body when I see one, whether man or woman. In our modern cultures, fatness has prevailed over fitness, so meeting folks who honor the power of life within them is indeed rare. To honor one of these rare individuals, this post will spotlight a woman at TerraTrike who prefers fitness over fatness. She is unique!

As a brief bit of background, I have been a passionate advocate for health and fitness my entire adult life. Bodybuilding has played a major role in my life adventure, beginning at age 17. During the 1980s, I owned and operated a fitness center. For me, maintaining my trike’s organic engine in top shape is every bit as important as maintaining the trike itself (actually, much more so, because a trike with no engine does nothing but collect dust).

Globe Gym bodybuildingTrike Hobo, and his gym, near the Burbank movie studios in southern California

Enter Lydia – spreading the bodybuilding lifestyle in the triking community:

Well, it turns out there are other trikers who are into bodybuilding every bit as much as I am, including entering bodybuilding physique competitions, which I have done for years. These contests require much of the participants, both mentally and physically, but earning a trophy for one’s efforts is a psychological milestone. So, here is today’s story about another bodybuilding triker, the awesome Lydia Reyburn:

2013 RCC (80)Lydia Reyburn easily presses a TerraTrike Sportster overhead!

While staffing the Trike Asylum booth at the 2013 Recumbent Cycle-Con in southern California, I was able to observe the personnel across the aisle at the TerraTrike booth. One person stood out, because being a lifelong bodybuilder myself, I could see that the musculature was definitely there on the TerraTrike employee, a gal by the name of Lydia Reyburn. At my request, she even hoisted one of her company’s trikes overhead, to the amazement of all who witnessed it. Lydia’s competition photographs below were taken by Jeffrey Sygo at the 2012 NPC Grand Rapids bodybuilding show.

Lydia Reyburn bodybuilderLydia poses on stage at the 2012 NPC Grand Rapids bodybuilding contest.

Lydia Reyburn bodybuildingTrophy Time is always a great feeling! Congratulations Lydia!

* * *

PS: Bodybuilding is a fantastic way to make sure pedaling a trike is easily within reach. My experience has clearly shown that age is most definitely not the determining factor in one’s health, but rather how one cares for the body. I am an advocate for maximum functional longevity, and believe that using one’s age as rationalization for poor physical condition is a weak way to justify a sedentary lifestyle that lacks proper fitness training, eating, and sleeping regimens. It is never too late to begin walking the road to health and fitness! Join all the triking bodybuilders in this quest! Make your trike odysseys easier. To learn more about trike hobo’s methods for achieving maximum functional longevity, click here. To learn more about trike hobo and his bodybuilding lifestyle, click here.

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