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A Day in the Life of a Triker

Alhambra. Vista general desde el Albaicín.How would you like to be pedaling your trike around here?

We are fortunate to have a trike pilot who loves to share his knowledge and trike rides with us in a big way. His name is William Cortvriendt, and he has just sent me a story and photographs of a recent ride he took in a really picturesque Mediterranean region of Planet Earth, on his HP Velotechnik Scorpion tricycle. You can read this new story on his TA page (Triker William, under Rider Stories) – scroll down that page to the story titled A Day in the Life of a Triker. Click HERE to read it now.

William Cortvriendt Triker Story 03William Cortvriendt riding his HP Velotechnik in paradise! (Mediterranean Coast)

Not only is William a passionate trike pilot (perhaps someday to join the trike hobo way of life if I can persuade him to visit my realm someday for an overland trek), he is also a brilliant medical doctor who wants you to live to an age that has at least three numbers in it! He is the author of a longevity book that tells you how to do so, and as you can readily see by the photo above, William practices what he preaches! You can trust a fellow trike pilot when it comes to this stuff. Below are my impressions of his latest book:

william cortvriendt bookTrike Hobo says: “You want this book!”

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by steve greene, publisher of Trike Asylum

As perhaps most of you realize by now, I am what the majority of folks would consider an extreme health nut, that peculiar type of person who seems to place personal fitness, health, and longevity at the uppermost tier of existence. Rarely have I ever met another human being who views my philosophical passion for overall well being as rational for ordinary life amongst our cultural ways. Indeed, I am a deviant soul who hears the music of a vastly different drummer – deviant in that my penchant for pursuing maximum functional longevity is clearly not normal when measured against the American Way, in a country where excesses are the expected goal, pharmaceutical companies are the treasured providers of easy health maintenance, and physical neglect is masked as an age related phenomenon.

I may be viewed as a longevity warrior perhaps, one who respects life to such a degree that my path is largely determined by that which actually extends functional life, rather than by those things coveted by the masses that shorten and destroy the very power of life that grants us our short adventures on Earth. I attempt always to be one who heals life, not one who wounds it. In pursuit of maximum functional longevity, which is living long in a fully functional manner, rather than spending the final 15 years of my life in unpleasant decline and assisted living facilities, I have read many books and assessed many studies during my adult life that suggest strategies intended to keep my direction true. From books that detail the nuts and bolts of the human body and what keeps it working flawlessly, to books that review commonalities among centenarians, I soak up knowledge to remain vital and strong.

Currently in my sixty-fourth year of sentient beingness on this planet, I recently completed reading yet another book worthy of anyone’s time if passing the 100 year mark is honestly something that is not seen as a ludicrous pipe dream. I am what most would call an “old” man, but I pedal a tricycle, a vehicle that replaced petroleum powered automobiles for me in 2008. Quite a following of adult tricycle riders has grown up around my writings during the past several years, and astonishingly, out of these ranks came a Dutch fellow, from the realm of windmills, now residing in Spain, who seemed to share my passion for maximum functional longevity. I know many trike riders around the world, but this particular man, a one William Cortvriendt, happens to have recently written and published an exceptionally relevant manuscript geared to help the reader sail past the century sign with smiles on the face, and a ‘full speed ahead’ attitude. This book has an attitude – an attitude worth assuming yourself!

In America, and other first-world countries, this attitude is sorely lacking, as evidenced daily all around us in the form of obese, sickly, and unhappy people, some of whom are still, unbelievably, addicted to inhaling deadly chemicals voluntarily. There is no time to worry about living long and finishing strong in an accepted and expected work ethic that is spiraling upwards out of control, one that speedily moves most of us mindlessly to our graves. Be number one. Earn the most money. Have the most toys. Take better care of your car than your body. Accept the common delusion that age brings us down at 78 years regardless of what we do, so why even bother? Yes, this is America, land of the short-timers.

William Cortvriendt, a medical doctor with extensive experience in medical based research, has been a medical director of two pharmaceutical companies, a vice president of a medical device company, and a medical consultant for a prestigious firm serving governments. From this abundant background comes his new book, LIVING A CENTURY OR MORE. It is a scientifically fact-based journey for those who value the vital life power within them, and wish to maximize its functionality and duration. If you have not yet delved into the world of maximum functional longevity, this book will be a suitable launching pad for you to understand what to do and what to avoid if you wish to keep your body healthy and fit. And if you are already a seasoned longevity warrior, as I am, this book is yet another weapon in your arsenal to keep the rampant gremlins of death away from your doorstep.

Doctor Cortvriendt’s meticulously crafted book looks specifically at the findings of legitimate science to discover the realities and mythologies of living a long and vibrant life. Is everything we hear in the lay person’s media accurate? If not, where does accuracy lie? This book separates fact from fiction in a manner that will put you firmly on top of the latest longevity research, citing studies as current as 2013. Within these pages you’ll find your ticket to the fast track of real answers, bypassing all the hype and promises shared by those who are ignorant of studies following hundreds of thousands of people for decades, where fact-based results draw your map along life’s overland highway.

With his experience in the medical profession, Doctor Cortvriendt intellectually assesses the accepted science, and carefully leads you through the maze of confusion that is strewn across the realm of financially vested companies and media outlets more interested in creating the night’s dramatic headline than whether the facts are solid. Money, unfortunately, drives the world, and with this opportunity to acquire knowledge and wisdom from an accomplished academic who is also passionate about health, your path can avoid those wishing to persuade you for their own corporate interests.

This book costs money of course, and one might simply dismiss it as one man’s attempt to up his own financial income, but as one who is also an author, I can attest that writing books is a labor of love and passion, for rarely does an author realize notable wealth through the endeavor. Further, as a student of maximum functional longevity for most of my adult life, I am adept at spotting a book that offers little in the way of results. This book is well worth the modest investment, whether as a paperback or electronic book, and will serve you very well if the knowledge is taken seriously. It has found a prominent place in my personal library, and will not be left to the dustbin of mediocrity.

Doctor Cortvriendt provides you the secrets of a long and healthy life, and happily, these gems are well within the reach of nearly every reader. Genes play a part in our lifespans, but even negative genetic markers can be significantly diminished and overcome. It is not hopeless if we have a known family history of some type of disease or disorder. Does his advice require a commitment on your part? Sure, as does anything worthy of respect in life, for there is no free lunch. Lifestyle changes are going to be in order, but if you are one of those with eyes finally opening for whatever reason, this book will help to open them fully. In the twenty-nine chapters, William assesses the evidence, and then, based on what he reveals, provides advice on how might be best to proceed. This is your century map – follow it!


 William Cortvriendt bookThe book that will make a difference!


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