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Where is Matt Galat now? On his Scorpion somewhere …

Okay, all you vicarious overland trikers out there, and also all you who are about to take off on your own incredible journeys, our own Matt Galat, champion world triker has just sent TA the latest updates of what’s going on during his Tour of Earth! Here is one of his latest video presentations, and you can see a couple more on his Trike Asylum page by clicking HERE. You can also visit his extensive website directly to find even more! This is amazing stuff here, and you’re gonna’ want to definitely follow every single update for the next five years as intrepid Matt goes spinning his HP Velotechnik Scorpion around this planet!

Okay, now see the rest HERE.

Also, on Matt’s Facebook page, you’ll find this sort of thing:

Mattt Galat Facebook


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