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Trike overnight excursions

Popularized locally in the Oregon region by Mark Waters, owner of Backcountry Recumbent Cycles in Bend, Oregon, doing short treks on the trike are a fun way to feel the exhilaration of overland journeys without actually taking an overland journey. This idea is catching on all over the planet, and many are those on bicycles and tricycles who are taking the plunge onto the wild side of life. This type of trip is within reach of most of us trikers, even if not fit.

BRC on the roadMark Waters explores eastern Oregon on a three day trek: short, but loads of fun!

There is a worthwhile website devoted to this phenomenon, and while it is focused on the two wheeled variety of cycles, the underlying ideas seamlessly convert into three wheeled cycles. It is called Bike Overnights, and may be worth a look if you are considering such an outdoor experience for yourself. The website offers suggestions about places to pedal, stories about others who are doing it, and tips for the greenhorns. Their motto is:

Don’t wait to go cross country. Go overnight!

Bike OvernightsOkay, doesn’t this look like a lot of fun? You bet! Get out there and DO IT!


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