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Triker Glen riding his new custom made delta trike

Glen Aldridge, former CCTE nomadic wanderer, has since ditched his Trident Stowaway trike of 2011, and has custom built himself a delta trike to replace it. Deltas have the two wheels in the rear, like a child’s trike, with the single drive wheel in the front, also bringing back memories of our preschool years. That’s not to say this is a child’s trike though – far from it. This delta is a modern adult recumbent version designed for the long haul on real roads. Click HERE to visit Glen’s TA page, see the photos of the trike being built, and to watch some movies (at the bottom of the page), including two of him on his former Trident trike, screaming down a Canadian Rocky Mountain highway.

Here is one of the movies:


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