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Fast ‘n Light packing update …

Progress on the new methods of enjoying an overland trike journey are popping up quickly now, as I prep for this month’s trek. My shoulder is cranking along at 98% efficiency finally, I am back to working out with weights, and I will be ready to roll in a week and a half. The gear is packed for what will be in the Arkel Dry-Lites pannier system on Wild Child, and you can see the results HERE, on the Fast ‘n Light Packing page. And yes, for the curious, I will not be bringing shampoo and conditioner, as my hair is buzzed, and my Seventh Generation Nourishing Body Wash will take care of my hair too (in case plain water doesn’t wash out the bugs and micro-organisms looking for a new home). Shampoo and conditioner are heavy.

Fast 'n Light PackingClick the pic to learn more! Scroll to bottom of page.


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