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Catrike 700 Build – Part Two

It has been a while since I whipped out a video on Wild Child, and since I’ve made some additional modifications in the four months that followed my Part One version of this, I figured it was time to get down to the garage, point the camera at my face, and begin, once again, yacking to all you invisible readers out there on Planet Earth. This short 16.5 minute movie extravaganza is always available for your utter tricycular pleasure on the Steve’s Catrike 700 page, so you can watch it again and again and …

Okay, enough of this nonsense! Here are my latest thoughts from that crazy puppet show that runs in my head. They are pretty worthless in the grand scheme of things, but may hold some merit for some of you, so here ya’ are:

By the way, Part One of this celebrated mini-series also appears HERE.

Or, you can watch it immediately below – better than Netflix!


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