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Velodirt – Backcountry riding in the Pacific Northwest!

VelodirtWe love bikes, we love exploring, and we love adventure.  That combination has led us to a lot of amazing places, and Oregon has plenty of them.  The purpose behind this website is to share where we’ve gone and some of what we’ve learned in the hopes of encouraging you to get out on your own adventures.  We don’t provide guidebook-like details, but rather we give you enough information to nudge you in the right direction without holding your hand.  Trust us, you’ll thank us for it later when you’re out on your own trips and you’ve learned how to read maps, plan for long stretches without water or services, and can take care of yourself.  Please use the information on our site at your own risk and be prepared.

We also “organize” a handful of group rides through the year to bring like-minded folks together on some of our favorite routes.  We annually ride the Dalles Mountain 60 and the Oregon Stampede routes, along with routes like the Rapture and the all-new Oregon Outback.  Check the calendar page for this year’s rides and for more information.  As always, they aren’t events or races – we just set a time, date and route and you’re completely on your own.

Enjoy the site, our routes, and our rides?  We encourage you to support our sponsors.  Not only are they amazing, but they help support us which makes all of this possible for you.  We also have a “newsletter” that we use sparingly when we have big news or update the annual calendar.  Click here to sign up.

We hope you enjoy the site.  If you have any questions feel free to drop us a note at  We’ll do our best to get back to you.  Many thanks!

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Velodirt roadwayOne of the old dirt roads of the Pacific Northwest we ride!


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