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Wild Child Modification lights up road

Are you interested in presenting a more visible rearward presence to approaching motorists while riding your trike in deep shade, through tunnels, on blind curvy roads, or in any condition that sets off a red flag in your brain that “Hey, I am a sitting duck here!”?

Well, this morning I addressed this thought on my Catrike 700, seeing as how I’m planning to be on the road soon with these very conditions on a road trip, and while I cannot recommend my idea (illegal according to the powers that control most people’s heads), I thought I’d share it anyway for any maverick trikers out there who write their own rules in the puppet show of life.

You’ll find this solution HERE, near the bottom of the page, at the AUGUST 28, 2014 entry, along with three photographs of what I did. I’ll report back once I have used this setup in the real world, which may or may not be as it seems.


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