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Triker Mark’s 700 Trucker is alive!

Okay, there are some crazy people out there for sure, because who, I ask you, would ever take a premier speed trike, obviously built from the ground up to light the pavement ablaze, and turn it into an overland journey trike? It’s crazy right? Ya’ just don’t do that sort of thing, ruining a perfectly good high performance rig like that! Nope, only a crazy in the head dude or dudette would build a Frankenstein monster from a Greek God.

But wait! There’s more! This conversion, after years of forum bantering, has now been proven to not only be doable and effective, but also the ultimate way to tour long distances in absolute reclined bliss! Several crazy trike pilots have walked this road, morphing their gorgeous 700s into high speed touring lightning bolts, but only one, a real extra crazy one at that, has done the unthinkable. Yep, sure enough, TA reader and triker extraordinaire Mark Rackow wasn’t satisfied with just one Catrike 700 – NO! He now has two! TWO! (the Trike Gods are really smiling on this guy). One is dedicated only for the road (called Diablo), and the other is dedicated for the quick and light tour (called Trucker). And Trucker ain’t no Frankenstein either – it’s downright FAST!

Visit Mark’s website HERE for the complete story, along with plenty of cool photos of all he has accomplished to transform his new red ride into the quintessential touring trike!

Mark Rackow Catrike 700 TruckerMark’s Catrike 700, Trucker, is now ready for the long haul …

Mark Rackow Catrike 700 Trucker 02The black Ortlieb panniers look ultra slick on this Catrike 700 touring trike!


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