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Glen Aldridge moves to the Dark Side

Regular TA reader Glen Aldridge, former CCTE expedition member from 2011, has in recent times been known to be quite fascinated by the delta trike configuration, despite our attempts here at Trike Asylum to convince the world that tadpole builds are the way to go. Glen has built two delta trikes (takes those frozen northern brains a while to figure out the issues), but today, the realm of triangular locomotion rejoices as this enthusiastic trike pilot returns to the fold of two wheels in front and one in the rear. Learn all about Glen’s new vehicle by clicking HERE (under Reader Stories menu). Welcome back Glen!

Glen Aldridge Trident 02A sneak peak while still all wrapped up …

Visit Trident Trikes HERE.

Glen's TridentGlen’s first Trident trike, loaded for the CCTE


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