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Where is Dan now?

Dan Zimmerman Cat 700Dan Zimmerman’s road machine, the ultra comfortable Catrike 700 speed/tour trike

Dan Zimmerman began an epic trike journey on June 29, 2014 in Anacortes, Washington, which is scheduled to conclude at Key West in Florida, crossing the United States of Ameica. The route makes use of 7 different routes that have been put together by the Adventure Cycling Association. They are (in the order Dan will be following them): Northern Tier, Lewis & Clark, Great Rivers South, Underground Railroad, Southern Tier, Atlantic Coast, and the Florida Connector.

Dan Zimmerman Progress MapTrack Dan’s transcontinental trike tour HERE, or click image above.

This trek is part of the Spokes Fighting Strokes Road to Margaritaville trike ride. Dan is riding his Catrike 700 a few thousand miles in order to increase awareness of strokes and stroke survivors. This trip will demonstrate that suffering a stroke does not have to mean the end of a person’s ability to enjoy an active lifestyle!

If you would like to know where Dan is today on this incredible trike ride, you can visit his Track My Tour page HERE. Visit his comprehensive blog HERE, and read a bit about recent happenings while viewing some photos. You can also watch some videos on his blog video page HERE. If you enjoy reading the Crazy Guy On A Bike journals, Dan’s appears there with all the latest happenings – access it by clicking HERE. If you wish to contact Dan to wish him well, or perhaps ride part of the way with him on this journey (which several folks have done so far), his email address is

Dan Zimmerman routeDan’s epic route across the United States of America


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