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2014 Recumbent Retreat this week!

Fort Stevens map 01One of the group rides is to Seaside. Gray arrows indicate afternoon wind direction.

The 16th annual Recumbent Retreat, held in northwest Oregon, where the mighty Columbia River meets the even mightier Pacific Ocean, along Oregon’s coastal highway called 101, is this week (August 15-17). The event location is Fort Stevens State Park, west of Astoria. Attendees will get to oogle over dozens of recumbent trikes from far and wide – heck, there may be a couple hundred there even (all in one place). Learn more HERE.

Recumbent RetreatSee how much fun you could be having? Life doesn’t get any better!

The Recumbent Retreat was started in 1999 by Connie McAyeal. The event was called the Oregon Human Powered Vehicles (OHPV) Campout Weekend at Ft. Stevens. Thirty-one people participated in this first event. Connie ran the event by herself for the first four years.

In the Fall of 2002, a Recumbent Retreat Committee was formed with Mike Porter as the Committee Chairman and Jim Lester as the Wagonmaster. The Committee has run the event ever since, but Connie continued to be active with the Retreat with t-shirts, coffee mugs, light parade and “poker run” events through 2008.

When the Recumbent Retreat Committee was formed it became an independent organization not affiliated with OHPV. The Retreat is an all volunteer run event with all revenues used to support and sustain the continuation of the event. At the December 2010 OHPV Christmas Party, the Recumbent Retreat Committee and the membership of OHPV voted to absorb the Recumbent Retreat as an OHPV event.

The Recumbent Retreat has grown and changed over the years with the biggest change coming in 2005 when online reservations and payments were started. A new trend is for an ever increasing number people becoming trike riders. Last year there were almost as many trikes as bikes at the Retreat.

Recumbent Retreat Ft StevensOld Fort Stevens, with Columbia River in background, Pacific Ocean to left

I have been planning to attend this awesome human powered event since January of this year, but my recent debilitating shoulder injury* while backpacking on the PCT has terminated those plans (can’t yet pitch a tent or get into and out of a sleeping bag – still on the mend). Glen Aldridge, my old triking buddy from Canada, and Steven Telck, my new triking buddy from Wyoming, will be utilizing the campsite I reserved for four days, and they have been officially commissioned by the Trike Gods to capture hundreds of photos of this grand event for later publication on this website. Stop by and tell ’em “hi” …

(* Possible shoulder issues: second-degree acromioclavicular joint sprain -or- rotator cuff strain -or- Glenoid labrum tear -or- some combination of muscle, tendon, and ligament damage – There never was any deformity or swelling but rather decreased mobility and pain have been present. Physical therapy was initiated within 48 hours, and steady, but slow, improvement continues to occur. Full recovery by Labor Day is the goal.)

Steven Telck will be riding his ICE Adventure trike. He and I had planned to ride together from Florence to Fort Stevens. This guy suggested to me some ideas to consider if I wanted to keep up with him on this ride (he’s a fast guy). Steven’s thoughts on becoming a “Weight Weenie” could have made the difference in staying with him:

Lose the air pump! Your Marathon Plus tire system is bulletproof. Also, no spare tire is necessary. Spend $300 on titanium pedals to save 10 grams over the ones you now have. Lose the tent and go with a bivy sack, great for any given rainy day also! Go tubeless tires and rims! Buy a chain made of titanium. Ride naked! Eat only once a day. Throw away your sunglasses, and use a small piece of leather with slits cut in them. Remove your dentures. Carry no tools, just a AAA card. Take only one set of riding clothing, and never wash the ones your wearing. If you really want to be efficient just take anything you want, have a heart attack pushing it up a hill, and then have the ambulance take you to your destination. Ride in groups of 3-4 people and carry only one air pump to share, making sure you are not carrying it. Bring along only one set of cooking gear, and make sure you are not carrying it. Have everyone use trikes that have the same tire size and bring only one spare tire and make sure you are not carrying it. Carry only one set of tools and make sure you are not carrying the set. I think you get the pattern, right? Okay, time to ride!

Steven Telck June 02The Wyoming Wildman, Steven Telck! Find him at the retreat (he is 6′ 7″ tall).


2 responses

  1. Was looking forward to meeting The Trike Hobo at the Retreat. Kept my eyes peeled for a white Catrike 700 with full touring gear, but to no avail. Now I know why. Hope your recovery goes well.
    The total count at the group photo shoot was about 100. Saturday’s weather was most excellent, to the approval of all! Quite a few recumbent configurations were represented. I didn’t see any Cruzbikes, but did see a Rans crank forward. There were quite a few units, both 2 and 3 wheel, with e-assist.
    Under Steven Telck’s traveling light suggestions, “Carry no tools, just a AAA card.”, I would suggest Better World Club, the “green” alternative to AAA. They offer “bicycle only” roadside assistance. Details can be found on their website.

    August 18, 2014 at 10:59 pm

  2. Hello Paul,

    I wish I could have been at the retreat! I was bummed when I realized that this shoulder was simply not going to allow my participation. As of this writing (Aug. 24), I am improving very well. If 0% is used as a baseline for total immobility when my accident happened six weeks ago, then I would estimate that I am now at roughly 93% of normal mobility. Had the retreat been this week, I would have been able to manipulate the shoulder sufficiently to participate. Oh well, there is always next year if I’m not off triking somewhere else. If you have any great photos of trikes at the event, and you wish to share them on TA, you can send them to me ( via WeTransfer, and I’ll get around to posting them here. I had originally planned to take a couple hundred photos had I been there.

    Also, thanks for the AAA alternative! I’ll check it out.

    August 24, 2014 at 9:19 am