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Gary Bunting’s new Finer Recliner Neckrest

Gary Bunting 700 NeckrestYep, he named his Catrike 700 “Mango Madness”.

Regular TA reader Gary Bunting has recently acquired a Finer Recliner neckrest from Steve Sussman, the Washington micro-manufacturer of fine trike equipment. Steve allows customers to submit their own original art designs for the neckrest, thus really personalizing one’s ride. Here is Gary’s report on this new 700 comfort addition:

An update on ‘MANGO MADNESS’: This new road-ripping beastie has a new ‘The Finer Recliner’ headrest, letting all who see her know exactly who she is.

As with ‘YELLOW BEAST‘, my main goal was to add a ‘MANGO MADNESS’ patch to my new, speedy touring trike to make a screaming notation of my pride in this new ride, that patch being placed on the front of the Lone Peak Rack Trunk, under a ‘Free-On-Three’ Patch. But again, not being able to locate any label or patch maker to do the job for me for a reasonable price, I opted to give Steve Sussman’s (Krispy Steve) product a try.

And…for this more reclined seating rocket-sled platform, I am so glad that I did. On my daily (or as often as I can take them) workout rides of usually 15-26 miles, even though there was no great amount of discomfort using the original Catrike headrest, toward the end of te 26-miler, I was finding too much pressure at the nape of my neck (this probably due to a level of no-rest continuation of the rides and muscle fatigue) and on a couple of ocassions, a headache ensued for several hours after arriving back at the ol’ homestead.

This new headrest provides true riding comfort that I didn’t even know I was missing with the original headrest. To repeat, the quality of design and workmanship on these rests is superb. I could not be happier and more pleasantly surprised, knowing that this new addition to both of my overland touring trikes will afford me a many-fold greater comfort-level and long-distance comfort sustainability than the originals.

I highly recommend that all trike pilots consider investing in one of these comfort-giving wonders, even if they are not long-distance, overland trike tourers.

Visit Gary’s 700 page HERE.


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