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A tricycle odyssey in the Rocky Mountains!

Scott & Jodi Road WarriorsScott Wayland’s new book will have you riding along on this wondrous odyssey!

In May 2013, I ran a fascinating post about Scott and Jodi Wayland and their 103 day, 2,654 mile (4271 km) overland trike journey along the spine of the Canadian and American Rocky Mountains. Well, guess what! Yep, sure enough, Scott has now published a book about this amazing trike trek, and you can have a much-sought-after copy for your own triker library, a true “must have” addition for any serious, budding, or vicarious overland triker!

Scott Wayland RockyMtn bookCracking the Spine – A Tricycle Odyssey in the Rocky Mountains

This book now appears to the right of every TA page in the sidebar, so you can access the Amazon order page whenever the desire moves you. Hey, and the price is really incredible too – at only $13.00 for the 370 page paper copy, or $5.99 for the Kindle version, this purchase is a no-brainer for any dedicated trike nomad who wants to live high adventure in words and photographs! Scott knows how to write, and his great sense of humor will have you right there with Jodi, Django (the wonder dog), and him every mile of the journey.

Scott Wayland TourScott and Jodi at the start of their most excellent trike odyssey

This must-read book is about two middle-aged adolescents and their faithful hound, Django the Wonder Dog, as they tackle the backbone of North America … on tricycles. Blazing heat, freezing cold, horrendous traffic, endless mountains passes. are part of the mix! Can they make it? Will the beer and kibbles hold out? The truth is in the riding.

Jodi & ScottTriking south through the Canadian Rockies!

Scott Wayland is a professor of English at Bakersfield College in Bakersfield, California. He lives in the mountains of the far southern Sierras with his wife and life-long adventure companion, Jodi. Besides Django, they live with a couple of obnoxious cats, Jake and Rocket, and three chickens: Buffy, Scruffy, and Trixie. For nearly four decades, Scott has wandered the mountains and deserts of North America. One of these days, he might find what he’s looking for. He and Jodi ride Catrikes, much to the chagrin of Django!

Scott & JodiJodi eats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at a wilderness campsite (but it sure looks like she is playing a harmonica though). Learn which in the book! Do you see Django?

Jodi and DogNow, does this look exciting or what? Trikes – the only way to tour!

Scott's Dog in trailerDjango, the wonder dog, lives the easy life, goggles and all. Spoiled dog!

You won’t want to miss the part where one of these two intrepid trike gypsies pulls off the road to take a pee, and the other one, not realizing this, trikes on by full speed ahead. Well, the triker who off-loaded the water then gets back on the road, waits, but never sees the other. The anxiety runs high as Jodi and Scott are separated in the backcountry, and they attempt to discover whether the other one is ahead, behind, or even over the side of the road somewhere in a mishap! Never a dull moment, a trike hobo’s life is one huge adventure, and these two are the epitome of the breed. Get the book – you’ll love it!


Scott Wayland excerptTo continue reading this epic journey, click HERE.


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    is it possible to find out where they got their awesome flags? we would really like ones like those but can’t find them anywhere.

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