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AlphaBENT – fun, health, & adventure … on your trike!

Some TA readers are familiar with Peregrine Bicycle Works in California, a great place to buy a new trike if you need one. Well, Hugh and his staff are now operating with a new name to reflect a leading position in the trike recumbent market. Now known as AlphaBENT, the business is ready to assist you and your tadpole triking needs.

Click HERE to visit AlphaBENT now! (Catrike, ICE, Greenspeed, HP Velotechnik)

AlphaBent Trike Shop 2

a celebrated HP Velotechnik in action on the road of adventure

Hugh and the staff at AlphaBENT / PBW know human-powered cycles from the inside out, and have the experience that can only come from many years of hands-on mastery helping people across the globe achieve their goals of having FUN, HEALTH, and ADVENTURE riding. See you soon!

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A Reverse Chronology of PBW / AlphaBENT

2013: Peregrine Bicycle Works moved the Dixon shop into downtown Sacramento where it has made a permanent home at 1114 C Street.

PBW began using the moniker AlphaBENT to reflect its leading position in the recumbent market. AlphaBENT / PBW is a Premium dealer for ICE and HP Velotechnik, and enjoys the enviable position of being one of the very few Catrike Concept Stores in the world.

2010: PBW made its first expansion starting a shop in Dixon, CA midway between San Francisco’s Bay Area and the Sacramento Capitol City. The business expanded quickly as the recumbent trike revolution continued.

2007: Within a few years of selling the first Greenspeed GTO touring trike, the recumbent trike business became the primary focus of Peregrine Bicycle Works.

2006: HP Velotechnik develops their first recumbent trike — the Scorpion. PBW immediately brings them into the fold and becomes a premium HP Velotechnik dealer.

2005: ICE shifted focus from the custom trike business to a broader spectrum market and signed up its initial dealer network. PBW was at the top of the list and immediately became one of the top ICE dealers in the world.

2003: Paulo Camasmie’s Catrike manufacturing business came online and PBW immediately brought Catrike products onto the floor and became a Catrike dealer.

2002: Hugh traded a couple of folding bike frames for a Greenspeed GTO frame and thereby became a Greenspeed recumbent trike dealer. That same year, PBW quickly became Greenspeed’s largest California dealer.

2000: at a trade show showing PBW folding bikes in England, Hugh met Greenspeed’s Ian Sims and saw and sat in his first Greenspeed recumbent trikes. It was love at first ride.

1997: Peregrine Bicycle Works (PBW) started when Hugh Kern started making custom-built folding bicycles. While learning metalworking, Hugh watched with great interest the progress of a young man named Paulo Camasmie who was developing a manufacturing system for a new brand of recumbent trikes. A year and a half and many metal-splinters and burn blisters after officially starting the business, the first PBW folding bike was shipped.


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