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New rear wheel on Wild Child

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Wild Child 67The surgical transplant was a success, and the patient is thriving once again!


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  1. trikerebelalskart

    Hi Steve, Two things that might be of interest to you. My occasional riding buddy Derek told me yesterday about a cyclist we met at a café on a recent ride. The guy had a Canondale carbon framed bike that weighed nothing but subsequently broke in two. The bike cost £6,500 but the frame company didn’t want to know him when the frame snapped. I have heard of carbon frames being prone to this sort of problem. Maybe wheels don’t suffer this way but any cracking noise from a laminated product would sure worry me. Point 2, I had wheel and spoke problems at one time when I returned to bicycle riding. My local bike shop solved the problem by fitting double butted stainless steel spokes. Yes they are slightly heavier but they are also virtually bomb proof. With the extra load of camping gear for your August trip I’m sure your wheel change is a very sensible idea. Plus your trike still looks cool even if it isn’t an ICE. Happy riding, Alonzo P.S. The tile fitter comes today so just maybe we will get to Dtek hpvs next week.

    June 20, 2014 at 12:22 am