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Triker James gets a new Catrike 700

Hey, this cool Hawaiian cat now owns a Cat, with a color that matches the island paradise where he lives! He has also owned ActionBent and Sun trikes, although I suspect they may become history with his recent acquisition of the sleek Catrike 700! Either that, or he will use the other trikes for grocery errands to the store, and save his Speed God for the open road of adventure! Click HERE to visit his page, under Rider Stories.

James Alaggio 700 10Below is what James flies a little higher and faster than the 700:

James Alaggio airplane pilota 1929 aircraft – do you pilots out there know what it is?


One response

  1. Alonzo Savage (Trike rebel)

    It looks a bit like a ‘Spirit of St Louis’ with an engine that had multiple barrels. A long, long time ago I built an Airfix plastic model of one on these aircraft.

    June 17, 2014 at 11:15 am