Volae Granny Guard

Well, now I have one of these installed on my Catrike 700, with its 24-39-52 crankset, and it looks great! The good news is no more chain jumping the track, even if my brain is asleep at the wheel (er, make that handlebars) while riding. The 24 to 39 chainring jump is huge, and not optimal, but overland trikers need a little ring for big mountains, so this guard solves any issues. Visit the Wild Child page and scroll towards the bottom to read about this and see today’s photo session in the garage. By the way, if you want one (and you do) get it HERE, or call Hostel Shoppe on the phone (1-800-233-4340). How did I ever live without it?

Wild Child 62Click HERE to read the story and see the installation photos.

PERFORMANCE UPDATE: I have now fully tested this device, with favorable results. Read my review on the Wild Child page (near the bottom of page). NO MORE OVERSHIFTS!


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2 Responses to Volae Granny Guard

  1. westonfront says:

    Interesting, and certainly amongst the most cost effective of a number of options out there. I’ve fitted a Jump Stop (also from the US) and it has been 100% effective and will have been easier to fit I suspect. It will be good to hear how well your option works in duty.

    Details here – http://bit.ly/1hI1uuH

  2. Trike Hobo says:

    Thanks Weston! I will be doing a short write-up of the Volae guard today – it works flawlessly, and has the appearance of a factory installed unit! I am fully impressed with it, and recommend it without reservation!

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