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RollerTrike’s Catrike 700 website

Okay, if you enjoy Catrike 700 stuff, then you may wish to mosey on over to RollerTrike’s cool website, full of the ways he is tricking out his trike. There are movies, photographs, and explanatory text, all awaiting your eyeballs and brain. Click HERE to visit his realm:

Catrike 700 47RollerTrike’s 2008 Catrike 700  high performance speed trike

Here is one of his several movie presentations:

So, fellow trike pilots, gypsies, nomad, and hobos, go to RollerTrike’s website and leave some comments so he knows what you think of his wheels and accessories! Nice trike!


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  1. Hi Steve,I would like some advice if possible.I ordered the trike from Green Speed which is at the other end of Australia to me. As I told you the Government Grant for approximately $7000.00 all up has been approved and the Business owner notified. He emailed me for my measurements and then I heard nothing so I phoned him.I was told that he had a frame powder coated in anticipation yellow. I wanted lime green. That the dog trailer would be red . I wanted lime green. I would settle for the yellow if need be but other firms had offered to do the color of my choice.I asked if he had received my measurements, he said yes and the frame would just fit. Is a Frame just fitting the right one?I wonder if because it is a Government Grant he is treating the transaction casually.I was so excited about it but don’t want to end up with a Dud. I am feeling disrespected by this approach. I have been in touch with the Body who helped me do the Grant application and let them know what is going on .Sorry for the winge.Any ideas?


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    Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2014 12:00:11 +0000

    June 4, 2014 at 9:37 pm

  2. Hi Mary,

    Well, regarding the frame fitting, that is generally a simple matter of adjusting the trike’s boom either in or out of the mainframe. This adjustment is determined by a person’s X-Seam, a measurement that is not the same as a person’s inseam. The X-Seam measurement is taken by following these instructions from Hostel Shoppe (it is best taken by another person as you sit there to insure accuracy):

    Place a 24 inch long board against a wall with the bottom of the board 12 inches from the wall. Sit on the floor with your back and butt against the board. Your X-seam measurement is the distance from the front of the board to the heels of your bare feet.


    Here is the link to the Hostel Shoppe guide page:

    Did this trike dealer ask for your X-Seam measurement prior to saying that the frame would fit fine? Or did they ask you things such as your height, or any other questions about your body size? X-Seam is the critical question that would need to be addressed so the frame will fit. Of course, even if they sent you the trike with the boom not adjusted properly, a local bicycle shop could do it for you once you get the trike (might involve shortening or lengthening the chain a tad, depending on how close the original dealer got to adjusting it for your body).

    A question I also have is this: Could Ian Sims, the owner of Greenspeed, deal with you directly under the conditions of this grant? Ian is a friend of mine, and I recommend him as a great guy who will figure it out perfectly for you. If you have not already finalized the deal with the current supplier, might working with Ian be an option? He is the guy who started Greenspeed, and definitely knows all that is needed to set you up properly.

    However, if the original business owner got all your necessary measurements, including your X-Seam, then things should be fine. If he is a trike dealer, I suspect he knows his stuff, and will deliver the right setup for you. Unless a person has a notable physical deformity, a trike is pretty easy to adjust for that person. The good news about the coloring is that it has no bearing on the function of the trike. It’s simply a matter of personal taste. Yellow does show up very well though!


    June 5, 2014 at 7:54 am

  3. Steve that is interesting because it was Ian I dealt with. My experience was certainly different to yours.
    I had my own business up until I had to medically retire and don’t believe I would have treated any one in such an off hand manner and try to fob off goods that the customer definitely hadn’t wanted in that form or color to them. Who ever is providing the funding this is a lot of money.
    I am pleased that you say he is usually good to deal with as that means in the long term my dealings with him should be consistent with that. He does seem to be lifting his game now after several emails from my self and the funding coordinator. I really appreciate that you replied to me. Hopefully as the deal gets finalized the end result will be a happy one for all.

    June 5, 2014 at 2:59 pm

  4. You are in good hands. Color will grow on you if not lime green, I suppose. Are you getting the Magnum?

    June 5, 2014 at 5:21 pm

  5. I am not unhappy with the yellow ,but I certainly was when Ian tried to insist I have a Red trailer and I hate red.
    It is the folding one.

    June 5, 2014 at 6:09 pm