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2009 ICE Q trike for sale

Okay, here is your opportunity to acquire a fine quality trike. It is a 2009 ICE Q, similar to the one I used to ride for over five years, except that this one has a 31 inch track width, which used to be the standard width. Mine was a narrow track (nt) verion, at four inches narrower. This trike will handle the tight fast curves on mountain descents better with the wider track.

2009 ICE QPlease click HERE if you are interested in having this as your own.

2009 ICE Q 2Make it your new ride – click HERE to do so.

2009 was the final year that ICE trikes were constructed (welded) at a local shop in England, and this model is the final soft-tail (suspended) ICE trike to use the classic aluminum swinging arm. This was also the final year that the “Trice” logo was placed on these trikes (notice on cross member in photo above), a holdover from the original owner of this company. So, if you would like a classic ICE from the pre-2010 redesign era, here is one of your final chances to own the respected British icon! Collect them all.


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