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Grand Teton Trike Ride

Steven Telck, our resident ICE Sprint rider who freely pedals Thailand at will, has just completed a ride in Grand Teton National Park of the United States of America. Here are some photos and text. Steven is the yellow lad on a tricycle (the rest are real bicyclists):

Steven Telck Teton Ride 2014 Steven Telck Teton Ride 2014 2 Steven Telck Teton Ride 2014 3 Steven Telck Teton Ride 2014 4Got back last night from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We rode two days and covered 115 miles of road and asphalt riding trail. There is Teton pass over the mountains and the road was plowed, but no one wanted to go anywhere near it being all sweaty and temps near freezing at the summit. Teton Village where we were staying is at 6929 feet elevation and the pass is 8432 feet. The summit of the peak is around 12,400 feet. Thought about putting on a snow and ice rear tire and just pedaling up the side of the little hill, but could not get anyone else to go along and I would most likely miss lasagna for dinner, so I blew it off.

My legs not having much in the way of exercise other than the 100 miles I did on the two day camping tour were complaining to put it mildly. Not bad now, but definitely tender. Found it very difficult to chase 18 lb road bikes with younger riders so I just gave up and usually stayed about 20-25 minutes behind the group. Nice friends as one guy kept riding ahead with the group and then circling back to check on me which meant he had about 25 miles more riding during the two days. Wish I could find another trike rider in Casper where I live as chasing young two wheel riders is exhausting.

The house we stayed in was on the side of the Teton mountains with a ½ mile long maybe 9% climb, which meant we had to climb it at the end of each day when really tired. Nice for me as I just plodded my way up at 2 mph while the guys grunted up on the pedals and the gals walked up the road. I was laughing knowing I was only doing 1/10th of the posted speed limit at this point and would drop to 1.8 mph before I reached the house.

Visit Steven’s page HERE.


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