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Trike Hobo rides North Fork

Around these parts, the North Fork of the Siuslaw River is one awesome trike adventure! A new movie from yesterday’s ride appears above. It’s a fun and frolicking five minutes.

Or, click HERE to view this on YouTube instead.


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  1. Hi Steve,
    In watching “Trike Hobo rides the North Fork, dated May 23, 2014”, I noticed the white pants that you are wearing. Living in south Florida I have to be aware of sun protection. I am not a big fan of sun block preferring to cover up instead. I have been wearing Under Armour , heat gear long sleeve shirts. They have been satisfactory so far. I have only been riding my Catrike Expedition for four days. The Florida summer heat has begun. It was 92 today. I was wondering if the pants that you were wearing in the North Fork ride would be good for my rides.
    Would you kindly tell me a little about them and where I might buy them?
    Thank you,
    Trike Pilot on Green Machine

    May 25, 2014 at 4:36 pm

  2. Hi there Lenny,

    Like you, I do not use sunscreen, but rather keep my otherwise exposed skin covered. That is why I usually grow a beard for my overland journeys. Lately, I’ve been wearing the Mountain Hardware Way2Cool bandanna, commonly referred to as a buff, to keep my face from burning.

    Link to Way2Cool bandanna:

    I do not use sunscreen due to its known health issues on human skin (I’m kind of weird on health stuff – pretty extreme by most folks’ standards). I used to be a sun worshipper in my twenties, but learned how the ultraviolet rays of the sun destroy the skin over time, so have kept covered for the past 27 years now. Science supports the skin cancer issues with sun exposure over long periods of time.

    Regarding the white pants, they are Sansha men’s footless tights, a blend of 92 percent cotton and 8 percent spandex. They are heavier than common bicycling tights, but very soft being made from primarily cotton. It’s kind of a pain getting them on, but once in them, they are super comfortable for triking. This type of tight is typically worn by male ballet dancers. With the white color, you just have to be extra careful not to get up against your chain, or to touch them if you have any grease on your fingers! They also are available in black and grey colors.

    I am six feet tall, and weigh 160 pounds, and have the X-Large (6) size. If you are shorter than six feet, these might be a tad too long. These tights are fine for a physically fit rider, but would not work too well for someone who is overweight, as they are designed for dancers, who have trim and muscular bodies.

    Here is the link to the Sansha tights, where I got them on Amazon:

    You are wise to consider the sun’s effects on skin. Most people tend to brush it off, as I did when younger, but with age, it becomes apparent that it is indeed worth considering. Of course, if this is not learned while younger, much damage is already done as one gets older – kind of like smoking cigarettes: one can do it for a very long time, and then, bingo, lung cancer! This is the same with skin cancer.

    These tights differ from regular cycling tights in their material (cotton versus the polyester in typical cycling tights), so you may wish to get one pair of each kind to compare which you prefer, cotton or polyester. Both do the job, and both have their strengths. It’s all personal preference. The white color does a better job of reflecting the sun’s heat on really hot days – black absorbs heat, whereas white reflects it. The day we filmed the “Road Runner” movie, it was 91 degrees, and I felt fine in these tights.


    May 26, 2014 at 7:47 am