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Pacific Coast Flyby

If you wish to see a spectacular section of California 1, the Pacific Coast Highway, that I rode this past September on my ICE Q recumbent trike, click HERE. You will be transported to a Vimeo movie clip showing a large group of bicycles on the rugged cliffs north of Big Sur, California.

At the 57 second mark of the movie, the group arrives at Windy Point, and you’ll note a few very large boulders that have been placed at the turnout by the road department. Well, I parked the Q there to rest after the monster uphill that precedes it, got up to stretch and have an energy bar, and no sooner had I stepped away from the trike to see the view, it begins to move … towards the cliff! Yep, the wind was howling, with my flag straight out, facing the ocean. That is why the boulders are there! To keep recumbent tricycles from sailing over the edge. You can read about this day of my journey HERE.

Anyway, enough of my side story – go enjoy the movie!

Windy Point PCTAWindy Point, September 18, 2013, California 1, just north of Big Sur – an ICE trike about to blow away!

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