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Not ready for an overland journey?

The sirens of the road call to many trike pilots, but just as Jason and his Argonauts were fearful of the dangerous rocks along the shore, they still wanted to beach the boat to be with the beautiful women. Many of us want to try our hand at triking the long haul, but for whatever reasons, are not quite there mentally or physically. What to do?

Well, a great solution is to simply start doing overnights, or weekend jaunts into the surrounding regions accessible by tricycle. Leave Saturday morning, camp out somewhere in the wilds, and return Sunday evening! Easy, quick, hard to get into trouble, close enough to home that a phone call will send the troops to rescue you. Click HERE to read about some tales on Adventure Cycling’s website.

Port of Siuslaw CampgroundA nice hiker/biker campground calling you to venture forth for a fun weekend!


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