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Trike Hobo’s New Trike

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2 responses

  1. So you got a 700, good for you. We love them and all the Catrike family made right here in Orlando Fl. about 50 miles from us. With my neck issues I ride an ICE Adventure FS. Will be riding it on RAGBRIA this summer.

    May 31, 2014 at 10:16 am

  2. Hi there Regis,

    Great to hear from you! There is a new page about Steve Sussman’s Finer Recliner, with a photo showing some of your neckrest designs. Has the Finer Recliner neckrest helped your neck situation? The ICE Adventure is an excellent trike. You likely have the FS version.

    This 700 is an otherwordly trike Regis. Feels like a rocket ship when I pour the coals to it! Same feeling as on the ICE VTX. These lightweight speed trikes are a barrel of fun, even if going slow, especially since they are so darn comfortable. I just installed a new 24 ring, so in addition to the flaming fast top-end, now I can climb cliffs with it! Yep, gotta’ love those Catrike folks when they put out this caliber of product!

    See ya’ …

    PS to TA readers: To visit the great trike shop owned by Regis, click the link below:
    Makes me want to ride in Florida for all those wonderful flat and endless roads. You can find Regis and Hampton’s Edge located on the BUY page of Trike Asylum at any time, if you get a hankerin’ to get a new trike! Click link and scroll down:

    May 31, 2014 at 10:52 am