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Kyle Bryant, FA, and a Catrike 700

Watch the 20 minute video above to learn Kyle’s story. He is the man I dedicated my 2011 trike book to, Free On Three, because I find his story inspiring. He cannot walk down the block on his own, but he can pedal a tricycle across the United States, or wherever he has a mind to. At age 17, he learned he has Friedreich’s Ataxia, commonly referred to as FA. This is a death sentence, a slow way to go that robs one of physical abilities over time. Why have I been inspired by Kyle all these years? Because, when I think I have a problem, a ride is too demanding, a hill too long, a road too rough, all I have to do is bring Kyle to mind, and it becomes abundantly clear to me that I have no problems! That I simply need to stop my whining, leave my pity party behind, and step up to a level inhabited by a rare few individuals who can always go the distance – people like Kyle! Learn more …

Kyle Bryant RAAMKyle, finishing the Race Across America on his white Catrike 700 tricycle, is an inspiration!


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